Unionizing Cannabis Growers


Cannabis growers are becoming more and more prevalent as the legalization is occurring throughout the country.  Cannabis, which was once cracked down on and people were thrown in jail, is making a turn.  And, the growers are coming out of the old sheds in the backyard and putting up some major facilities that will be able to handle the increasing demand.  They no longer have to hide what they are doing but can be proud of what they have done.  This trend will continue to improve and so should the lives of those that work in the industry.  We need to unite; we need to become one and build up a strong unification for everyone involved in the growing and distribution of cannabis.

The world of the growers and workers was once a very dark place.  There were shady things going on that we didn’t speak of, due to the fact that the growing alone was illegal.  Now that we are doing this in a legal fashion the industry should be healthier and safer for everyone.  There are laws to abide by and rules to follow which are there to protect people from being raped or sodomized.  The workers should no longer live in fear, as they are a part of something huge and the growing trend will ensure they have work for years to come.

Create a Cannabis Growers Union

Banned together we are stronger than we are alone.  And, that is the thought process behind unionizing cannabis growers.  We will forever have opposition.  Many lived through the years of the ban on drugs and many don’t understand.  We need to educate them.  We need to protect ourselves and have a strong presence that will allow us to have a voice in the government and governing of our products.  This is a controversial topic, one that is getting less and less but still has some bad rap about it.  We want to clear our reputation and make it safe for those that work in our industry.  There will not be any tolerance to violence against anyone, including women.  We are professionals and we need to ban together to show the general population who we are.  Many of us have horticultural degrees and have studied the science behind cannabis.  We work together on how to make it better and improve upon it.

As our industry comes out from the shadows of the past and moves to the future there are a lot of changes.  Some of these changes are going to be rough at best.  Some things will be easy to overcome, while others will take patience.  We can learn from each other.  And lift each other up in our time of need.  The idea behind a union is this strong bond of professional cannabis growers is to improve the lives of our workers, owners, and distributors.  Ensure that the industry is functioning properly as a whole.  This is an industry that carries a sort of taboo about it.  But, we, banned together can change that.